B&W - Seattle, WA

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Seattle, WA. Ahh... How I miss film. Spending countless hours in the dark room. Those were the days.

Halcyon Explorer 9

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Halcyon Explorer 9

For those of you interested in this light here are a few pictures that detail exactly what to expect. The biggest selling points are quality of design and construction. The light is extremely well made with a lot of thought and attention to detail put into the design. Performance is equally as good. The HID bulb outputs a lot of light and with it's focusable reflector can put out a tight beam or nice flood, especially if you get the optional parabolic reflector. The color temperature is rated at 7000K which I find useful for photography under water. It nearly matches my strobes and is perfect for fill light against the dark backgrounds you often find shooting in the Pacific Northwest. Over all I'm very satisfied with the light. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Dive with Kees Leverenz and Madison Bromel (Dive 186)

Charles Richey Sr Viewpoint - Alki Pipeline, Seattle, WA.

Dive with Laurynn Evans (Dive 185)

Seacrest Park - Cove 2, Seattle, WA.

Dive with Casey Offord and Dennis Mahle (Dive 184)

Seacrest Park - Cove 2, Seattle, WA.