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Dive with Kirsten Peterson and Tim Lamb (Dive 38)

Day Island Wall, University Place, WA. I finally got to dive Day Island Wall and to sum it up in one word… Awesome! It's safe to say that it's was my best dive yet. The Giant Pacific Octopus and Wolf Eels are absolutely amazing! We were lucky enough to find a playful Wolf Eel and it decided to have a little fun with Kirsten and I. Check out the video. =) Big thanks to Tim Lamb for capturing this great video footage. Check out his flickr account.

Flickr - tlamb101

August 23, 2011

Dive with Kirsten Peterson (Dive 36)

Redondo Beach, Des Moines, WA. Pictured first is a Pholis laeta (crescent gunnel). This little guy was camera shy. He'd poke his head out, see my camera then hide back in his tube. Few seconds later, poke his head out and repeat. =) Next is a Chirolophis nugator (mosshead warbonnet). This is probably one of my favorite fish so far and that hair do is out of this world! Third is another sharpnose crab and leopard dorid. I wonder why I always see the two of them together? Fourth is a crystal jelly. I'm guessing last is a Citharichthys sordidus (pacific sanddab). I couldn't really tell since it's entire body was covered. Little did he/she know that I could see him/her.

August 22, 2011

Dive with Serge Sountsov (Dive 37)

Redondo Beach, Des Moines, WA. Serge Sountsov and I had a great little mid afternoon dive with Larry McLean and Greg Hamilton. Visibility was pretty poor, probably around 3 feet, until we hit about 40 feet salt water, then it opened up nicely. I'm guessing visibility was 20 feet or so.

Pictured above is an Artedius harringtoni (Scallyhead Sculpin). This little critter was probably 2 inches long sporting his/her cerri, the growth protruding from the top of it's head. The next photo is a Diaulula sandiegensis (Leopard Dorid). They are another type of nudibranch and this little guy was probably 1.5 inches long. The crab is a Scyra acutifrons (Sharpnose Crab). No clue if the two of them were dive buddies or one was hungry.

August 22, 2011

Diving with John Brown (Dive 35)

Les Davis Marine Park, Tacoma, WA. Pictured is a Dendronotus irus (Nudibranch). This one had to be close to 12 inches long and the largest Nudibranch I've seen yet. Next is a Tube Dwelling Anemone with a diameter of probably 10-11 inches. Third is a Dirona albolineata also known as the White Lined Dirona. This little critter was probably 2.5 inches in length.

August 21, 2011

Diving with William Drumm (Dive 34)

Seacrest Park - Cove 2, Seattle, WA. The top image is a Dirona albolineata sometimes called a white or frosted nudibranch. The actual size was probably around 1.5 inches. The second picture is of a Serpula columbiana more commonly known as a red trumpet tube worm. The third is another Aequorea aequorea (crystal jelly).

August 19, 2011

Admiralty Inlet

  • Wednesday
  • 10:50 AM - Slack Flood
  • 6:02 PM - Slack Ebb
  • 11:32 PM - Slack Flood

  • Thursday
  • 5:56 AM - Slack Ebb
  • 11:30 AM - Slack Flood
  • 6:21 PM - Slack Ebb

  • Friday
  • 12:04 AM - Slack Flood
  • 6:37 AM - Slack Ebb
  • 12:07 PM - Slack Flood
  • 6:38 PM - Slack Ebb

  • Saturday
  • 12:34 AM - Slack Flood
  • 7:15 AM - Slack Ebb
  • 12:43 PM - Slack Flood
  • 6:59 PM - Slack Ebb

  • Sunday
  • 1:04 AM - Slack Flood

The Narrows

  • Friday
  • 1:32 PM - Slack Flood
  • 1:48 PM - Slack Ebb

  • Saturday
  • 1:58 AM - Slack Flood
  • 2:40 AM - Slack Ebb

  • Sunday
  • 2:35 AM - Slack Flood
  • 3:26 AM - Slack Ebb

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