GUE Seattle and the MATE ROV Competition

adrian-collier-mike-bearda-larry-mcclean-gue-seattle-140626.jpg adrian-collier-jeremy-freestone-gue-seattle-140626.jpg

Seattle, WA. The MATE competition challenges students from around the world to design and build remotely operated vehicles known as ROV's. Above, GUE Divers Mike Bearda and Larry McLean are between events as the next team readies deployment of their ROV. Below, GUE Diver Jeremy Freestone watches from a distance as the competition is underway. The students are judged on the ability to complete a specific list of tasks and challenges. The divers assist the ROV's if needed and reset the obstacle course between events.

GUE Seattle

Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker


Redondo Beach, Des Moines, WA. The lumpsucker was found at about 90 feet sitting on top of some kelp. It had to be no larger than 1/4 in in size max! Dive buddy Dave Stucki.

Baby Crab at Redondo Beach


Redondo Beach, Des Moines, WA. Dive buddy Dave Stucki.

Octopus with Missing Tentacles at Redondo Beach


Redondo Beach, Des Moines, WA. Dive buddy Dave Stucki.

Stubby Squid at Cove 2 Seattle


Seacrest Park - Cove 2, Seattle, WA. Dive buddy Dave Stucki.