Fin the Siberian Husky and Friends



Adventure awaits.

Ghost looking back to make sure I'm still with the group.

Amanda Tromp and Kyro.

Roxie Fernandez, Ragnar, and Fin.

Amanda taking photo's of Kyro.

Ragnar and Kyro.

Ragnar is one pooped puppy. Fin and Kyro still going.

Husky shoot!

Kyro and Ragnar on a rock.

Fin in black and white.

Mount Philchuck State Park, Granite Falls, WA.

Fin the Siberian Husky and Friends


Fin and a six month old mastiff.

Next week the mastiff will be larger than Fin. Payback sucks. =D

Fin and Ragnar.

Seattle, WA.

Fin the Siberian Husky and Friends


Fin and Kyro playing.

Kyro running at warp speed.

Titan, Gerbe, and friend.


Bothell, WA.

SCUBA Diving at Cove 2


Seacrest Park - Cove 2, Seattle, WA.

Fin the Siberian Husky and Friends


Fin making new friends at the dog park.

Fin playing with a new puppy.

Arya playing with King (Audre Torgerson)

Arya surprised Tiffany Avice Rivera took her ball away.

Seattle, WA.