Fin the Siberian Husky at Rattlesnake Ledge


Rattlesnake Ledge, Snoqualmie, WA. A quick hike up to Rattlesnake Ledge with Fin.

Wallace Falls w/ Ruslan Kozlov, Casey Schadler, and Aileen Visaya


Wallace Falls, Stevens Pass, WA.

Wallace Falls


Wallace Falls, Stevens Pass, WA.

Lake Serene


Fin's trying to tell us to hurry up! Ultimately we didn't make it to Lake Serene. We had to turn around due to potential avalanche conditions.

With Marie Lambert and Brenda Jones.

With Marie Lambert and Brenda Jones.

With Molly Gaebler.

Lake Serene, Stevens Pass, WA.

Dive with Dave Stucki at Cove 2


Cove 2, Seattle, WA.