New Aquarium for Kate


Setting up a new aquarium for Kate. Here goes nothing!

First things first, I need to learn how to take a picture without myself in the reflection. With that out of the way, Kate's new aquarium is a 37 gallon high and if I recall correctly made by Marineland. A Marineland Bio-Wheel Emperor 400 will take care of the mechanical and biological filtration. Heat is provided by a 200 watt Tronic heater by Hagen, which I'll probably end up removing down the road since it's not really needed. The substrate is random pea size gravel as well as some larger stones from a stream.

I've decided to undertake the daunting fish-in cycle. I know I'll get a lot of flack for this however we stocked the aquarium with the following.

6 Neon Tretras
6 Rummynose Tetras
4 Angel Fish
4 Dwarf Gourami
2 Mollies
2 Pleco's or Catfish (?)

Kate really loves watching the fish. She's able to track their motion and displays laughter and cooing when watching them.

Seattle, WA.