Kate's 60 Gallon Aquarium - Part 4


Before I begin the fish-less tank cycle I wanted to establish a baseline. On 05/03/2019 I tested the water as is straight from the tap with Seachem Prime dosed for 60 gallons. I got the following results.

pH: 7.6
High Range pH: 7.8
Ammonia NH3/NH4: 0 ppm
Nitrite NO2: 0 ppm
Nitrate NO3: 0 ppm

This test kit comes with two pH tests. One for "normal" range and one called High Range pH. If one test reads on the extreme upper or lower ranges it means that the actual value isn't detectable by the test kit. The "normal" pH test reads 7.6 (upper range), however, we know that the result is misleading. If we defer to the High Range pH test we'll see that the actual result is 7.8. Now that we have a baseline I dosed the aquarium with ammonia hydroxide. Specifically a 10% ammonia hydroxide solution from Ace Hardware labeled Janitorial Strength Formula. It doesn’t matter what brand you use as long as it is pure ammonia with no scents or dyes. Below is a picture of what I used for reference.

It's getting late so I'll run another test in the morning to validate the readings.

Seattle, WA.