Kate's 60 Gallon Aquarium - Part 5


I jumped out of bed eagerly anticipating the test results of my ammonia dosing. My target value was the sweet spot of 4 ppm. Below are my results.

pH: n/a
High Range pH: n/a
Ammonia NH3/NH4: 4 ppm
Nitrite NO2: 0 ppm
Nitrate NO3: 0 ppm

Not to shabby. Note, while pH is important, I skipped those tests since my focus for the time being is ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. For those of you wondering how I knew how much to dose the tank with ammonia, let me show you. The tank we are dosing is a 60 gallon tank. Converted to liters that gives us 227.12 L. I knew my ammonia target was 4 ppm so I needed to calculate how much ammonia, at a 10% solution, to add to the 60 gallons of water already in the tank. 4 ppm equals 4 mg/L. For 227.12 L (60 gallons) I'd need 908.50 mg (4 mg/L * 227.12 L) of ammonia. A 10% ammonia solution is equal to 100 mg/mL. This means I'd need to add 9.08 mL (908.50 mg / 100 mg/mL) of ammonia to the tank. Later today I'll move one of the established AquaClear 70 filters from my Marineland Emporer 400 filter to one of the AquaClear 70 units. I'm also headed out the door to Aquarium Co-Op to get some Italian Vallisneria to plant.

Seattle, WA.