Finally found some DDR5 RAM and was able to build my new rig. I used the following drivers to get everything up and running stable.

BIOS Version 0811

Intel ME Consumer Firmware V16.0.15.1605

Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V10.1.18838.8284

Intel(R) Management Engine Interface V2131.1.4.0

Intel(R) Serial IO V30.100.2131.26

Intel Thunderbolt Driver V1.41.1229.0

Intel(R) I225 Gigabit Ethernet Driver V1.0.2.14

Intel WiFi Driver V22.100.1.1

Intel Bluetooth Driver V22.100.1.1

Realtek USB Audio Driver V6.3.9600.2297

Intel(R) SATA AHCI-RAID Driver V18.36.4.1022

I had issues installing the latest Realtek USB Audio Driver (V6.3.9600.2307) so I rolled back to V6.3.9600.2297. The Intel SATA ACHI-RAID driver was documented to support the z590 chipset, however, it also applies to the z690 chipset. I didn't install Armoury Crate or ASUS AI Suite 3 out of personal preference.

I want to sincerly thank MoKiChU at the ASUS ROG forums for keeping the latest and greatest drivers and firmware up to date.

BIOS Settings

  • Ai Tweaker
    • Ai Overclock Tuner: XMP II
    • Intel(R) Adaptive Boost Technology: Enabled
    • ASUS MultiCore Enhancement: Enabled - Remove All limits
    • Performance Core Ratio: AI Optimized
    • Efficient Core Ratio: AI Optimized
  • Advanced
    • PCI Subsystem Settings
      • Re-Size BAR Support: Enabled
  • Run the Qfan Control to profile the fans (I don't run AI Suite 3).

This netted me a 71% overclock (5.5 GHz).