Save Password with Mac OS X Snow Leopard's built in Cisco IPSec VPN

One of my favorite features of Mac OS X is the built in Cisco IPSec VPN Client. No longer do I need to use Cisco's out dated Cisco VPNClient application. With the built in client you can save the username and password in your Keychain. The problem is every time you try to connect OS X asks you for the password. I thought it was saved in my Keychain!?! Well it is, you've encountered a bug with an easy fix.

Open the Keychain Access Application, select System, and locate the saved IPSec XAuth Password item. Double click to open it, then on the Access Control tab click the symbol to add another application. Press Command-Shift-G, enter /usr/libexec, then select configd. Save your changes and the saved password should now work.