Dive with Serge Sountsov (Dive 37)


Redondo Beach, Des Moines, WA. Serge Sountsov and I had a great little mid afternoon dive with Larry McLean and Greg Hamilton. Visibility was pretty poor, probably around 3 feet, until we hit about 40 feet salt water, then it opened up nicely. I'm guessing visibility was 20 feet or so.

Pictured above is an Artedius harringtoni (Scallyhead Sculpin). This little critter was probably 2 inches long sporting his/her cerri, the growth protruding from the top of it's head. The next photo is a Diaulula sandiegensis (Leopard Dorid). They are another type of nudibranch and this little guy was probably 1.5 inches long. The crab is a Scyra acutifrons (Sharpnose Crab). No clue if the two of them were dive buddies or one was hungry.