Dive with Kees Leverenz (Dive 40)


Charles Richey Sr Viewpoint - Alki Pipeline, Seattle, WA. Today was my first opportunity to dive the Alki Pipeline thanks to Kees. After the dive I immediately wondered why people don't dive this site more often. This has to be one of the coolest dive sites in the Seattle area that I've done so far.

First of all the site is located in a quieter part of Alki Beach. It has portable bathroom facilities and tons of parking right next to the entrance. Gearing up is easy with access to large side walks and there are ample benches along the path in the event that you need a seat or raised surface to work on.

This place is current sensitive and tide's can make things interesting depending on flood or ebb. Even so by utilizing the tide and current prediction tables you can almost bet yourself a great dive. You'll be lucky if you hit 35-40 fsw on this dive but don't let that fool you. There is tons to see! The Pipeline is definitely on my shortlist of favorite places.

Pictured above is Kees going for the pipeline!