Whites Diving Evo 3 Boots - Review


This review marks the last of four reviews regarding my Whites Diving Drysuit System. The boots were reviewed last since they took the longest to dry and were still damp when taking the photo. The boots for the most part did what they were supposed to. They fit on my feet, were sturdy in regards to support, and comfortable.

A common theme among all of my Whites Diving gear is that the quality of them is poor. I've had these boots since summer 2011 and since then I've lost every other metal eye grommet and had to sew back on a few of the fabric eyelets for the boots laces. The fabric appears to be some sort of fake leather. The top layer skin, the part that actually looks like leather, has worn off in multiple areas revealing the inner material.

My last complaint is that the shoe laces often come undone while diving. I've never had a boot fall off mid dive but you can tell that the boot becomes loose. That being said I might buy another pair if I had to. They do work and I understand that foot wear probably takes the hardest beating of the entire system. I'll give Whites Diving the benefit of the doubt. If Whites Diving is listening, please, reinforce seams, and attachments! Normal wear and tear is one thing but critical components falling apart is another.