Bauer Oceanus Compressor - Motor Starter


Seattle, WA.

I was surprised to learn that my Bauer Oceanus Compressor didn’t ship with a switch or means of turning the compressor on and off. As a matter of fact it doesn’t even come with a plug! In order to get the compressor online I decided to opt for a motor starter instead of the knife switch suggested by Bauer Compressors. Below are the items I needed to complete the project.

*SOW Cable with 240 Volt Single Phase Plug.

The Bauer Oceanus Compressor came factory installed with a Signature Series 240 Volt Single Phase Motor manufactured by Lincoln Motors (Model Number: SRD2S5TZ1B6008B). According to the placard the Full Load Amperes (FLA) was 20.0 to 22.5 amps.

I decided to go with the Definite Purpose Control Series by Square D.

*Starter, Class 8911 Types DPSG32 (NEMA Type 1 Enclosed)
**2-Pole Single Phase
**30 Full Load Amperes
**5 Horsepower Rating at 230 Volts
**1 Thermal Unit

*Start-Stop Push Button Kit (8911DPB1)

In order to get the start-stop push button kit to work I’d need a set of auxiliary contacts.

*Auxiliary Contact Class 9999 Type - 1 N.O. (DD10)

And to protect the motor one thermal unit.

*B 32

Works like a champ! Thanks to Koos Du Preez for his help with component selection and troubleshooting. Koos recently helped develop a Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Gas Blender Course. If you would like to learn more about this topic I highly recommend taking his class.

Koos du Preez