HTG Supply vs. Sun Blaze T5 High Output Grow Light Review


Seattle's short summers and thus growing seasons are my current bottle neck towards vegetable gardening. In an effort to increase my vegetable production throughout the year I've finally decided to try indoor grow lights to supplement those precious photons during the Spring, Fall, and Winter months. After a few hours of online research I was finally able to find an investment that fit my needs.

The HTG Supply Lamp was reasonably priced at $129.95 and to get it to my door with shipping I was out of pocket $155.12. The packaging was secure and the light arrived safely. One of the first things I noted when unboxing the fixture was how flimsy this unit is. The reflector is pretty thin and if you're not careful I can see someone easily damaging it with a few bumps here and there. You get what you pay for, right?

The light itself does what it is supposed to do. Compared to other units in it's class it does pretty much the exact same job. One thing I do appreciate about the fixture compared to other units are the built in mounting hangers. The chrome plated hangers are sturdy and low profile which is nice when you're trying to maximize grow space.

That being said, one of the features this fixture is missing compared to other units are the built in outlets to daisy chain grow lights off of a single electrical receptacle.

My local supply store stocks Sun Blaze T5 HO 44 Fixtures (4 Foot 4 Lamp) that are $140.11 out the door.

The Sun Blaze fixture is a tank compared to the HTG Supply fixture in terms of construction quality. It also includes the built in outlet to daisy chain additional grow lights which is very nice when dealing with multiple fixtures.

The only downside to the Sun Blaze unit are the built in wire hangers that are not as sturdy or low profile as I would like.

One last notable feature is a built in on / off switch also included in the Sun Blaze fixture.

If I had to do it again I'd support the local supplier and purchase the Sun Blaze fixture. Not only will I get a better light, I'll pay less too.

Seattle, WA.