Dive with Bob Bailey (Dive 60)

Seacrest Park - Cove 2, Seattle, WA. The deep dive! =) The day before we worked on pre-dive planning figuring out our rock bottom and required gas to successfully dive a planned profile. The idea was to swim out to a buoy, drop down to approximately 30 feet, get situated in 3 minutes, then descend down to 100 feet at a slow pace. After a predetermined amount of time we would slowly begin our ascent back to 60 feet. If our calculations were done correctly we should reach 60 feet with at least our planned amount of gas.

While at 100 feet we also wanted to see if we had any symptoms of nitrogen narcosis. Bob Bailey had a few tricks up his sleeve and would test my reaction times and ability to quickly act! I also got to dive with 32% Nitrox as part of my Nitrox Certification.