My DJI Mavic Pro Experience


On Thursday (July 13th, 2017) I had this brilliant idea to get a drone, more specifically a DJI Mavic Pro. I didn't "need" one, however I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now and decided to go against my better judgement. My first attempt was at a Best Buy. I ended up leaving without the drone because the customer service was horrible. I’m not really sure why I even bother going to Best Buy, I need to permanently remove it from my list of places to shop. Yes, it’s that bad.

I ended up purchasing the DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo at Fry’s Electronics. While not ideal, at least they had the drone in stock ready for me to walk out the door with. The issue at Fry’s is their return policy. Regarding drones there is none as all sales are final except for “manufacturer’s defects”. Below is the fine print.

Proving that would be an uphill battle I’m sure. Regardless, I purchased the drone fully expecting to keep it. I took my chances knowing I’d get DJI Care Refresh for any issues I would have after the fact.

As soon as I got home I unboxed my new drone and began charging everything. Once things were set up and good to go I went to the DJI website to purchase DJI Care Refresh. Easy enough, everything was good to go, I was now insured.

DJI Care Refresh

While the batteries and remote were charging, I began to look through the manual. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. For the most part things were straight forward and actual hands on experience would solve the rest of the mystery. I was excited to get the drone up in the air and see if it was as good as the internet would lead one to believe. Below is a link to the documentation and software.

DJI Mavic Pro Downloads

The fit and finish of the DJI Mavic Pro is excellent. All the parts fit together nicely, the construction appears well thought out, and the unit is sturdy and solid feeling. I really like the bag included with the fly more combo. It’s small, and while it doesn’t hold everything the drone came with, it fits what I need to go fly the damn thing. I backpack and less is more in my world.

I’m pleased to see that it comes with a car charger. Not sure how often I’ll use it but it’s nice to have. Not really sure if I’ll ever use the battery to power bank adapter, I guess time will tell. I am slightly annoyed that it didn’t come with the “advanced” charging hub, instead it came with the regular charging hub. Extra propellers are always welcome, however I hope I never have to use them. Below is what comes in the "Fly More Combo".

I’ll post more as things evolve.

Seattle, WA.